Cong.(S) to follow Gandhian socialism

KOCHI MAY 29. The Congress (S) was revived today with a new flag, a call to go `Back to Gandhi' and a vigorous insistence not to leave the LDF camp.

At a well-attended delegates' meet here, the party president, Ramachandran Kadannappally, said his party's political ideology would be based on Gandhian socialism. It would profess `pure Gandhian values.' He claimed that most of the present evils of the country, like communalism, the ill-effects of globalisation and corruption could be vanquished through a strict adherence to Gandhian principles.

He said a `new political polarisation' was necessary to save the country. His party would oppose both the BJP and the Congress. The Congress (S) had supported the LDF all through and would continue to do so. The party would be developed into a `secular, leftist and democratic' organisation.

Mr. Kadannappally said his party, which had merged with the NCP three years ago, had suffered three years of humiliation.V.C. Kabeer, the lone MLA of the party, urged the leaders and activists of the NCP to come home to the Congress (S) as early as possible as they would be denied `even oxygen' in the NCP. Thampan Thomas, P.M. Hariz, Karakulam Krishna Pillai and T.V. Verghese spoke.

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