Communist unity to be an agenda at CPI national meet

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, MARCH 17. The senior CPI leader and the party's Kerala State secretary, Veliyam Bharghavan, today said the reunification of Communist parties would be very much in the agenda of discussion at the party's 19th congress to be held in Chandigarh from March 29 to April 3.

At a press conference here, he said the reasons that had led to the split in the Communist movement way back in the early 1960s had now become irrelevant. One of the points in dispute at that time was the Communist movement's approach to the Congress party. There is hardly any difference of opinion on that point now. He said the subject of reunification of communist parties was not just a matter of unity between the CPI and the CPI(M). Even naxalites who have given up their earlier stand that revolution is possible only through armed uprising should come back to the mainstream communist movement.

State secretariat

The CPI State council, which met here today, elected a nine-member State secretariat and a 31-member State executive for the party. Panniyan Raveendran and K. E. Ismail were elected as the State assistant secretaries.

The secretariat members are: Veliyam Bharghavan, Panniyan Raveendran, K. E. Ismail, J. Chitharanjan, Kanam Rajendran, C. Divakaran, Sathyan Mokeri, C. N. Chandran and Mullakkara Ratnakaran.

In addition to the nine secretariat members, the State executive includes P. K. Vasudevan Nair, C. K. Chandrappan, K. P. Prabhakaran, Binoy Viswam, K. P. Rajendran, S. Sivasankara Pillai, M. Rehmathullah, C. A. Kurien, E. Chandrasekaharan, Meenakshi Thampan, K. C. Pillai, P. Ramachandran Nair, K. R. Chandramohanan, T. Purushothaman, P. K. Krishnan, R. Sreedharan, A. K. Chandran, V. Chamunni, M. P. Achuthan, M. Sukumara Pillai, E. Chandrasekharan Nair and Pallipram Balan.

The new treasurer is E. Chandrasekharan and the new chairman of the party's State control commission, K. P. Prabhakaran.

Veteran leaders P. Bhaskaran, K. C. Mathew, K. S. Anandan, K. R. Swaminathan, N. Aravindan and K. A. George were newly inducted into the State council.

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