Communal mobilisation helped UDF win: LDF

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Dec. 4. The CPI(M) and CPI leadership have attributed the UDF victory in the Thiruvalla Assembly by-election to "misuse of power, money and communal mobilisation".

The CPI(M) State secretariat and the CPI State secretary, Veliyam Bhargavan, said in separate statements here today that despite such tactics, the UDF could not stem the erosion in its support base.

The CPI(M) secretariat said the poll outcome showed that people who had stood by the UDF had begun to think differently. The ruling Front had not only used its administrative clout, but also spent money liberally in the election. Money was used even to secure the support of some organisations. Despite all this, the UDF's vote share and majority had gone down.

While the UDF's majority had fallen by 5,392 votes, its vote share had gone down by around 1,000 votes despite an increase of 4,448 votes in the total votes polled. In percentage terms, this marked a fall of 4.59 per cent votes. In contrast, the LDF's vote share had gone up by 4 per cent. The fall in the UDF vote share indicated that there was a strong sentiment against the UDF's policies and style of functioning.

The CPI(M) secretariat said the BJP had transferred a portion of its votes to the UDF in this election as well. The local party leadership had sought action against the BJP State committee member, Jayadevan, on account of this. The party had also taken action against some local party leaders. This being the case, the BJP would be hard put to deny having transferred its votes to the UDF. The BJP's vote share had also fallen by 0.29 per cent, the statement added.

The CPI State secretary said the UDF's attempt at Pathanamthitta was to whip up a sympathy wave and mobilise voters on communal lines. Despite this, the UDF's majority had fallen from 10,061 in 2001 to 4,671. It was widely conceded that the BJP had passed on around 3,000 votes in the last Assembly election to the UDF. Even the BJP leaders had admitted this.

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