`Clear watercourses of vegetation to prevent flooding'

THRISSUR, OCT. 11 . Watercourses should be cleared of vegetation and desilted to prevent flooding in Thrissur town during heavy rain, according to a preliminary report of the Trichur Engineers' Centre submitted to the Corporation on Monday.

The centre was commissioned by the Corporation on June 14 to study the problem of flooding and suggest remedies.

Short-term measures

Addressing a press conference here, the Mayor, K. Radhakrishnan, said short-term measures, estimated to cost Rs. 7.62 crores, included construction of drains along the TUDA and MLA roads and a link canal at Division 49, widening of the culverts at Kalluppalam-Cosmo Garden and the footbridges over the Viyyur canal, and removing the blockages in the Viyyur canal.


The long-term measures, estimated to cost Rs. 4.6 crores with annual maintenance charges of Rs. 8 lakhs, included a survey to set up separate drainage systems for rainwater and sewage, reconstruction of the Mundupalam bridge, introduction of cross drainage at Shoranur Road, restoration of irrigation canals, and construction of weirs and a balancing canal, the Mayor said.

The former chief engineer, H. Narayanaswamy, the executive engineer (Irrigation), P.V. Sasidharan, the superintendent engineer (Irrigation) of the Public Works Department, C.K. Murali, and the former chief engineer (Irrigation), T.G. Viswanathan, were also present at the press meet.

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