CITU deliberates on working women

In view of the alarming increase in incidences of accidents in workplaces throughout the country, the Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) has sought to build pressure upon the government for ratification of all safety related conventions of the International Labour Organisation.

The 14th national conference of the CITU being held here deliberated upon the awareness among workers and trade union activists for organised intervention and stringent preventive safety measures to be adopted by the managements. Detailing upon the statistical data on accidents and casualties in various industries including steel, coal mining and the power sector apart from road accidents, the resolution on safety in workplace and occupational health stated that the issue was yet to be found in the agenda of most unions.

Under the neoliberal regime, unions were not being tolerated in the emerging workplaces. It demands for adoption of appropriate statutes on prohibitive, protective, and preventive measures against toxic chemicals and gas, as also against stress and strain prevalent in the IT sector. The CITU noted that though there is a considerable increase in the women membership, the general weakness in raising the problems of women continues.

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