Centre's `anti-farmer policies' flayed

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM MARCH 29. The 18th Congress of the CPI now on here has expressed serious concern about the `anti-peasant' policies of the Central Government.

A resolution adopted by the Congress said the policy of globalisation of agriculture being ruthlessly pursued by the Vajpayee Government was ruining the agricultural economy, forcing hundreds of peasants in even such prosperous States as Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Punjab to commit suicide. Through another resolution, the CPI Congress noted with grave concern, the serious developments in the field of education and culture as a direct consequence of the `anti-people' policies being pursued by the BJP Government at the Centre as well as several State Governments.

Denigration of public education system, encouragement of privatisation and commercialisation of education, reduction of public outlay on education and abolition of thousands of posts of teachers were the important ingredients of the new policies in operation in the field of education, the resolution said.

Another resolution adopted by the Party Congress expressed deep concern at the delay in enacting a comprehensive Central legislation to protect the interests of agricultural workers despite farm workers and their organisations clamouring for it for the last more than 20 years.

Yet another resolution of the Party Congress accused the U.S. of having taken the world to the brink of a nuclear war and called upon the Indian people to be vigilant against the evil designs of the U.S. Government.

Through another resolution, the Party Congress expressed its solidarity with the people of Argentina who are suffering due to an unprecedented economic crisis resulting from neo-liberal economic policies.

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