CAP may have to be repeated

Staff Reporter

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: : The decision arrived at in the all-party meeting held here today to introduce a reduced fee structure in the Academy of Medical Sciences at Pariyaram of Kannur district and the self-financing medical college under the Government is likely to necessitate a repeat conduct of the Centralised Allotment Process (CAP) now on in three centres of the State. It was decided at the meeting that for the merit seat in the Government quota at the Pariyaram Medical College an annual fee of Rs. 12,225 need be collected instead of the existing fee of Rs. 1,13,000.

The decision, in all probability, could lead to a situation where the entire exercise of the CAP will have to begin yet again.

At the CAP held in Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, and Kozhikode on July 1, 2 and 4 candidates with ranks from 1 to 3,400 in the medial rank list had been either allotted seats or given the opportunity to exercise their options on colleges and courses.

All the merit seats for the MBBS course in the five Government medical colleges and the two self-financing medial colleges, including Pariyaram, were allotted on the first day of the CAP as per the then existing fee structure. At this allotment, candidates with high ranks who could not afford the fee of Rs.1,13,000 at the Pariyaram Medical College may have opted not to avail of the MBBS seats there. There are candidates in the first 417 ranks who may have taken a seat in the Alappuzha Medical College, which is the least preferred medical college under the Government. Among such students, those from Kannur or other northern districts would have certainly preferred the Pariyaram Medial College, had the lower fee structure as decided today been in force then.

As much as 65 per cent of the 50 seats under the State merit in Pariyaram Medical College have already been allotted with Rs. 1,13,000 as fees. With the fees of Rs.12,225 being more affordable, the preference of candidates will now be different. Another aspect is that the fee structure being the same (Rs. 1,13000), both at Pariyaram and in the Amala Medical College at Thrissur, many students otherwise eligible for admission in the former would have opted for the latter at the CAP on the first day itself.

If the preference of the top-ranking candidates changes, the availability of seats for the lower rank student will also change, the CAP being a chain process. Under these circumstances, the Government has only a few options before it to avoid legal actionIt may be recalled that the CAP for medical stream initially conducted had to be cancelled last year too following a Supreme Court verdict on the fee structure.

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