Call to project blend of lasya and tandava

Sangeeta Dash  

THRISSUR, OCT. 7. Odissi dance will grow only if an ideal combination of its lasya and tandavic aspects is projected, the Odissi exponent Sangeeta Dash has said.

Sangeeta, who performed at a dance and music festival organised by the Thalam Cultural Trust here on Thursday, told The Hindu that the tandavic aspect (representing virile energy) was relegated to the fringes when the lasya component (associated with feminine grace, with shringara as the dominant sentiment) was made popular by greats such as Guru Kelucharan Mahaptra.

``Odissi is not just about lasya as it is made out to be. This is clear right from the basics. Take the case of the basic poses, thribhanga and chauka. The thribhanga is feminine by nature, while the chauka is masculine,'' she said.

She said the Debraprasad Das style of Odissi, which she practised, was as important as the style popularised by Kelucharan Mahapatra. ``Just because it is a little tandavic, the Debraprasad style cannot be dismissed as mere technique. Debrapasad Das was a genius. We, practitioners of the style, try out lasya too, but don't play up this aspect.''

Sangeeta, who had a Master's in Philosophy from Utkal University, would do a choreography that explored Radha's love for Lord Krishna and how it interfered with her marital life. ``Radha fell for Krishna even as she was married to another man. Yet, she is considered the Uttama Nayika. Ultimately, it is love that wins,'' she said.