C-DIT to launch ethnic Clipart CD

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Oct. 10. The Centre for Development of Imaging Technology (C-DIT) is all set to launch its latest product, "Chithrakkudukka'', a `Kerala Clipart' CD containing images, animations and music clippings specific to the culture of Kerala.

The clipart CDs available at present contain a large number of images related to the western context. But the "Chithrakkudukka'' offers local substitutes. For instance, instead of a knife and fork used for representing hotels, "Chithrakkudukka'' has come up with a wide variety of ethnic dishes such as "puttu'', "parippuvada'', "appam'', "kappa and karimeen'', etc.

Plantain leaves, husk and coconut, as well as a wide variety of flowers specific to Kerala have been included in the first volume, which is to be launched this month.

``The new venture is the result of the research carried out by C-DIT as part of popularising and integrating the use of Malayalam into Information Technology at different levels. These pictures could be used on wall paper, pictures with articles as well as for educational and commercial purposes,'' said Achuthsankar. S. Nair, director, C-DIT.

The festivals of the State such as Uroos and Onam, as well as "Vaavubali'', the architecture of various ancient temples, synagogues, churches and mosques and mural paintings too have been included.

The first volume of the CD is priced at Rs. 200 for individuals, Rs. 1,000 for DTP centres and Rs. 3,000 for organisations. While the first CD is a collection of as many as 2,500 images, the centre is also planning to come out with nine other similar Clipart CDs giving importance to Kerala culture and history based on various themes.

The other volumes would also have animations, clippings from various dance forms, sounds of instruments as well as verses from selected poems.

The centre had earlier come out with "Aksharamaala'', the Malayalam font package containing as many as 25 varieties of Malayalam fonts, the Web site on Swathi Tirunal and other composers of Kerala as well as "Web darshini'', an internet browser with Malayalam content.