Brahmin Unity Seminar on April 23

Special Correspondent

Aimed at establishing unity among community members

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Puthucode Upasabha has prevailed upon the Palakkad district unit of the Kerala Brahmana Sabha to organise a Brahmin Unity Seminar in Palakkad on April 23 in the context of the coming general election to the State Assembly.

According to a communication in connection with it, which reached here on Friday, the leaders of the community and the influential leaders of other communities would be invited to address the seminar, express their ideas and exchange their thoughts with the members of the community.

The key areas for united action would be identified and the future course of action of the community would be charted on the basis of the outcome of the seminar.

The communication wanted the establishment of unity in the community to be given topmost priority. It should then select and cultivate influential persons who were sympathetic to its cause from within and outside the community.

People's representatives from other communities to whom the community gave its votes should be prepared to help it, the communication added. The community should speak to them in one voice demonstrating its unity. It should be able to use the powerful weapon of votes to its advantage.

The community was in a position to decisively influence the outcome of the election in some places of Kerala. Palakkad district was one such place. It should support candidates sympathetic to it in those places. In other constituencies it should support candidates culturally similar to it and who were willing to help it.

The community should show that its votes could be a positive factor in their success and that it was capable of making a negative impact too, it added.