Bid to trace author of `forged' letter

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Oct. 5. The Crime Branch probe into the intelligence letter forgery case is focussed on finding out who actually authored the purported confidential note the bonafides of which are now in question.

An official said the team has verified several computer centres and machines in this connection.

However, certain ambiguities remain, the official said. The Crime Branch is looking outside its immediate ring of suspects to ascertain the identity of the author of the letter.

The Crime Branch added that the identification of the actual author of the letter was not crucial to the case.

``According to law, whosoever uses a forged document can be deemed as the one who forged it.

We now know and can prove who all had used the forged document and with what motive in mind.

Hence, zeroing in on the actual author or on the machine on which it was forged is not crucial as many think it to be. But we are not leaving any stone unturned to zero in on the fabricator,'' the official said.

The Crime Branch thinks that the prepaid SIM card used by certain persons involved in the case was likely to have been destroyed by the accused.

The SIM card was used at a time when it was not imperative on the part of the buyer to furnish his or her personal details to the vendor.

The Central Government regulation to this effect had been issued only much later.

However, the Crime Branch has garnered solid evidence to link the usage of the SIM card to the mobile phones owned by certain individuals being probed in connection with the case.

The Crime Branch is waiting for the arrival of the former Surya TV receptionist, Bindu, to give finishing touches to the composite sketches that have been made of the two people who had hand delivered a copy of the ``forged'' document to the channel's office on June 24 evening.

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