Aqua show in February

Staff Reporter

Kochi: In February, the city will host the international aqua show 2006 at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Kaloor.

As earlier, the show will bring here colourful, charming ornamental fish from all over the country and abroad. The organisers hope to showcase at least 125 species of freshwater and 50 marine ornamental fish.

The 2006 show will have added features, such as a meet of buyers and sellers, international seminars and scientific sessions on latest value-added trends in ornamental fisheries. Value-addition is done using biotechnological tools, which make fish more attractive by changing their colours and so on.

Various fisheries research agencies, such as the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, the Central Institute of Fisheries Technology, the Cochin University of Science and Technology and the National Institute of Oceanography, will participate in the show.

According to Minister for Fisheries and Tourism Dominic Presentation, exhibitors from Singapore, Malaysia, Mali, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Dubai will participate in the event.

Nearly 5,000 ornamental fish varieties will be displayed in the 70 stalls to be set up at the stadium. An array of aquarium accessories will also be on show, he says. "The Government views the aqua show as an opportunity to give an impetus to ornamental fish farming and export in the State," Mr. Presentation says. Ornamental fish farming should also be viewed as a measure to increase the income of rural fisherwomen, he says. For tapping the potential of the State in ornamental fish farming, the State Government is planning to set up an aqua park at Kadungalloor, near Aluva.