Action against Divakaran's men

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, SEPT. 25. The RSP(B) made a desperate bid to salvage its position in the United Democratic Front by carrying along the Labour Minister, Babu Divakaran, along, even while taking action against several of his district-level leaders.

The RSP(B) State secretariat appears to have taken recourse to an action intended to isolate Mr. Divakaran's followers through the punitive action of demoting some of them to lower committees.

Interestingly, Mr. Divakaran and 11 State committee members did not attend the committee meeting today, with the party deciding to seek an explanation from them.

In the case of another senior member, K. P. Sankaradas, the State committee authorised the party Secretariat to conduct a detailed probe and take action against him.

The RSP(B) State secretary, A.V. Thamarakshan, said that the party felt that no action need be taken against Mr. Divakaran and that attempts would be made to carry him along.

The State Committee meeting had been convened after Mr. Divakaran gave his consent.

Therefore, the 11 members, including Mr. Divakaran, will be asked to explain their stand, he said and added that the party would not split.

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