A playschool with a difference

Play school should be exclusively for play school section only. It should not be clubbed along with LKG and UKG. At this age, children need a lot of attention and affection, says Babitha Narayanan, who runs the `Kidsworld' playschool in the city.

In a playschool children should be provided a lot of space to run about.

There should not be too much furniture. Even the windows should be made low so that children can sit on the sill.

"They should be given a lot of affection. Remember it is the first time they are going out of home. Don't give them punishment at this age," says Babitha. In tune with her ideas, Babitha's playschool is of a special shape, with bright coloured walls inside. There is not too much of furniture. Beanbags are spread over for the children to sit comfortably.

There is also an activity room where `motor skill activities' are being held, including shape sorting, balancing and threading reels. "We don't make them repeat rhymes. They learn by themselves. We also take them to a railway station, fire station and other such places. Once in a month there will be a visit by a doctor, beautician to the school," says Babitha.

Babitha struck upon the idea of starting a playschool seven years ago after she felt unsatisfied with the playschool where she had send her daughter.

The playschool gives the students snacks. It also has a little library. Now Babitha is gearing up to conduct a summer camp for children from four to nine years this summer vacation.