A new trend in Malayalam cinema

Promoting prominent brands using movies is a sure-fire way of grabbing the consumer's attention. Mega starrers in Bollywood have been successfully used by many companies to promote their brands of soft drinks, shampoos, mouth-fresheners, bicycles, and so on.

The trend started only about three or four years ago and since then many movies starring Hrithik Roshan, Shahrukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai have had a string of brands placed prominently all through.

The trend has now come into Malayalam movies too.

The latest Mammootty-starrer, `Nerariyan CBI,' currently running in theatres, has at least four brands placed very strategically in the movie.

The central character played by Mammootty, Sethurama Iyer, is shown relishing a particular brand of tea, along with a popular brand of biscuit. One of the female characters promotes the cellular connection offered by a prominent brand of mobile service provider.

A brand of automobile tyre and a car also find a place in the movie. Whether the trend will be picked up by the rest of the industry is something to be seen.

C. Maya

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