A joyous occasion

It was a joyous occasion at the Government Ayurveda College today when a privately managed Ayurvedic research foundation got together the toppers in the BAMS examinations in various universities of Kerala and honoured them.

This ceremony comes at a time when students of Ayurveda are slowly coming out of the shadow of their MBBS cousins and are having a greater influence on the health decisions taken by the general public.

Many students of Ayurveda today are optimistic about their career prospects as they feel that the link between Ayurveda and tourism has given their profession a much-needed shot in the arm.

Smoking zones

It was with much fanfare that many campuses in the city were declared to be `smoke free' some time. What with pledge taking functions and monitoring committees to keep campuses cigarette- free, the impression was generated that campuses have turned into health zones.

The ground reality today is totally different.

On many campuses in the city, smoking has come back with a vengeance.

Many among the teaching community--ones who were expected to inspire students to give up smoking--are those who flaunt burning butts on their way about the campuses.

Many leaders of student organisations, who were supposed to ensure a smoke-free campus, are today themselves very heavy smokers.

Many college goers freely admit that smoking and chewing of pan are today commonplace on the city's campuses.

Being punctual

Spruced-up rooms, dust-free windows, new table clothes, punctual professors and students... it was quite a rosy picture at the Kariavattom campus the other day, when the team from the University Grants Commission came by for an inspection as part of its ninth plan assessment of the University of Kerala. The kitties of the Department Development Funds were dipped into, to purchase new linen for the old tables in the various departments. According to students at various departments, both students and professors who never turn up before noon at their seats normally, could be seen at the seats by nine that morning.

By G. Mahadevan

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