A doctor singing for a cause

Shibu Mohammed, a junior doctor working at the Cardiology Department of Pushpagiri Medical College, Thiruvalla, is on a mission. The doctor wants to create awareness on the deadly disease, Hepatitis B. He has found his own way to do it— through a musical album. A musician and guitarist, Dr. Shibu has sung two songs, one focusing on Hepatitis B and the other on tsunami.

"People are aware of AIDS. Similarly, people should know about Hepatitis B. They can prevent the disease by taking vaccination," says the doctor.

He had set out on this novel mission after one of his friends died of the disease. The video footage for the song on tsunami is from the tsunami affected villages in Alappuzha. The doctor had a heart-rending experience that resulted in the production of the album. Two kids, victims of tsunami, were brought to him for treatment. Several months later, he happened to see them begging on the street.

"Though international agencies have given aid to the victims, it does not reach the poor," he said.

R. Ramabhadran Pillai