UDF vote share goes up

Roy Mathew

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: An upswing in the UDF vote share by more than nine percentage points over that of the Lok Sabha elections in 2004 helped the front to sweep all but four seats in the State, according to an analysis. This was coupled with the reduction in vote share of the BJP and its allies by more than six percentage points and the LDF by more than four percentage points.

The LDF had won 46.1 per cent votes polled in the 2004 elections and cornered 18 out of the 20 seats. This time, it came down to about 41.9 per cent. The UDF’s vote share increased from 38.4 per cent to 47.7 per cent. However, it could get only 16 seats.

The BJP had won 10.4 per cent of the votes polled and its ally the IFDP, led by P.C. Thomas, won 1.70 per cent of the votes in 2004.

This time, its candidates including an independent supported by the party won just 6.4 per cent of the votes.

The CPI (M), which had been steadily increasing its vote share in the State in the past four elections to the Lok Sabha (along with increase in number of seats contested in the last two elections), suffered a setback. Its votes share decreased from 31.5 to 30.5 this time though it had contested for 14 seats against 13 in 2004. The CPI’s vote share declined marginally from 7.89 per cent to 7.44 per cent.

The Congress has been contesting 17 seats in the last four elections and its vote share this time is the highest. It improved to 40.1 per cent in this election from 32.1 per cent in 2004 — an increase of eight percentage points. The Muslim League climbed out of its set back in 2004 partially. Its vote share, which was 5.27 per cent in 1999, had dropped to 4.87 per cent in 2004. Now, it stands at 5.07 per cent. The Kerala Congress (M), which contested just one seat each in 2004 and 2009, improved its share from 1.39 per cent to 2.53 per cent.

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