Tiger reserves open to tourists

The Parambikulam Tiger Reserve in Kerala and the adjacent Anamalai Tiger Reserve in Tamil Nadu were reopened for tourists on Tuesday after a gap of four months.

Two other tiger reserves, Mudumalai and Kalakkadu in Tamil Nadu, were reopened for tourists last week after implementing the new guidelines issued by the Supreme Court on using 20 per cent of the area for ecotourism.

K. Vijayanandan, wildlife warden, Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, told The Hindu here on Tuesday that the Tamil Nadu government had given sanction to use the road passing through Anamalai to reach Parambikulam.

The two tiger reserves had remained closed for tourists for three months after the Supreme Court had banned tourism in the core areas of tiger reserves on July 25, 2012.


Tuesday’s meeting of the local advisory committee, constituted as per the guidelines issued by the Supreme Court, gave sanction to reopen the Parambikulam reserve for ecotourism, the warden said.

Mr. Vijayanandan said the Eco-Development Society and eco-shops at Parambikulam which helped to empower tribes and protect the reserve would now be back to normal functioning.

The curbs on tourism had affected nearly 300 tribal families living at Parambikulam. The Forest Department had used them for various protection activities during this period.


Though the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve conducts tourism only in its buffer zone, it had to impose curbs on tourists after the Supreme Court order banning tourism in core areas because the tourists arriving here have to use the road passing through the core area of the adjacent Anamalai reserve as there is no direct road access to Parambikulam from the Kerala side.

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