Throwback to custom


The 105-minute film Nanthuni, directed by Hari Narayanan, has custom and traditional beliefs as its theme. Though it attempts to be different, the film fails on many counts due to its dramatic treatment and weak script.

Nanu Asan (Vijayaraghavan) is a well-known nanthuni player and a vaidyan (healer). His remedies, based on traditional beliefs, are a sure success. But given his stature in society, he is jeered at by the so-called upper castes led by Tirumeni (Devan). Asan's only daughter Radhamony (Mithuna) is in love with Viswanathan (Govindankutty).

However, Asan is opposed to their relationship for he holds fast to certain beliefs.

One day when Asan is away, some people approach Radhamony with a boy bitten by a snake. Custom forbids Radhamony from administering any medicine. And entering the temple to bring the herbal potion would defile its sanctity. But she relents and enters the temple to prepare the potion. As she comes out, the nanthuni, a traditional musical instrument, falls from its position, a foreboding of an impending danger. Soon, some men come carrying Asan who has suffered a stroke.

Vijayaraghavan and Devan have played their role well. The cast also includes Mala Aravindan, Indrans and Ambika Mohan.

Music is by Priyesh Manambatta.

Sasi Ramakrishnan wields the camera.

Nanthuni is produced by Kannan Manarkad.

G. Jayakumar