Three bikers killed in accident

tragic: One of the damaged bikes which was involved in an accident near Nemom on Sunday. -

tragic: One of the damaged bikes which was involved in an accident near Nemom on Sunday. -   | Photo Credit: Photo: S. Mahinsha

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KSRTC bus driver detained; two bodies identified

Thiruvananthapuram: Three two-wheeler riders were killed and another seriously injured in an accident involving two motorbikes and a Kerala State Road Transport Corporation bus at Nemom on Sunday evening.

Only two of the deceased have been identified. They are Sherif, 27, of Tahir Mansil near Pravachambalam and Rajesh, 25, of Thamalam. The body of the unidentified person has been kept at the Medical College Hospital mortuary. The police are yet to identify the injured person who is in a coma.

P.M. Suresh Babu, a member of the Pallickal grama panchayat, who was at the spot, said the accident occurred when the KSRTC bus veered to the extreme right of the Nemom-Balaramapuram National Highway and dashed against the motorbikes, which were coming in the opposite direction. The mishap occurred at 7.15 p.m. Traffic was blocked on the road for nearly two hours.

The bus came to a halt after ramming the wall of a shuttered shop on the right side of the road. The police used its mobile crane unit to extricate one of the riders and his motorbike from under the bus. The police have detained the bus driver, Kunjumon.

A private bus operator said sudden breakage of the tyre-rod end or adjoining parts could cause such accidents. Poor maintenance, wear and tear and low quality spare parts could result in similar accidents.

The police said the driver lost control of his vehicle when a ‘speeding’ motorbike collided head on with the KSRTC bus. The bus swerved to the right side of the road after the initial collision and dashed against the second motorbike. Two bus passengers sustained minor injuries.

KSRTC managing director T.P. Sen Kumar ordered the KSRTC’s Chief Technical Officer to inquire into the incident. He said the KSRTC had put in place an Accident Monitoring and Control System to pinpoint the reason for accidents involving KSRTC buses.

Mr. Sen Kumar said the technical officer would investigate whether the accident was caused due to mechanical fault, driver’s error or other reasons. He said departmental action would be initiated against those responsible, if the inquiry found fault with any KSRTC staff.A set of local youth staged a protest on the road against the High Court’s ruling to make wearing helmets mandatory for two-wheeler riders.

They stopped two-wheelers and forcibly removed the helmets of the riders. The police, who were engaged in clearing the traffic, apparently did little to stop their antics. Deputy Commissioner of Police Harshita Attaluri visited the accident scene.

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