Telling the tale of Mukkom

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Documentary captures the ups and downs of Mukkom

It captures the vestiges of Tippu Sultan’s conquest

S.K. Pottekkad depicted it in his ‘Nadan Premam’

Kozhikode: Mukkom, 30 kilometres east of Kozhikode, has a history of its own. ‘Kathaparayunna Mukkom’ (Mukkom that tells its story), a documentary that captures the ups and downs of Mukkom during the last century, will be formally released on January 10. The seven-and-a-half-hour documentary is available in seven CDs. The work took two-and-a-half-years. Rs.4.5 lakh was spent. The Trikkudamanna Siva temple stands as a symbol of religious harmony as people of all faiths congregate as part of the temple festival.

The documentary tries to tell the story of the vestiges of the conquest of Tippu Sultan who passed through Mukkom on his way to Palakkad, says R.K. Pottasserry who wrote the screen play for the documentary.

Pottasssery, where freedom fighter Muhammed Abdurahiman Sahib died, is a place to visit in Mukkom. It has been captured in the documentary. S.K. Pottekkad made Mukkom famous through his novel ‘Nadan Premam.’

The section on education focusses on the history aspect starting from the Manassery Boys Hindu Elementary School started in 1908. Agriculture, industry, history, arts and artists, cultural specialities, politics and eminent personalities slid into their places in the documentary.

The documentary retells the story of B.P. Moidheen, sports reporter and a popular figure in Mukkom who drowned while trying to people from a boat in distress at Chendamangalur in 1982.

He was posthumously awarded the President’s Bravery Medal in 1983.

Arts clubs

The growth of libraries and arts clubs is traced in the documentary. The way in which communal nature crept into the Khilafat movement and unscrupulous elements killing innocents in Mukkom is also detailed.

Thevarkandi Lakshmikuttyamma and others remember their mothers and grandmothers killed in the violence that followed the Khilafat movement.

Chettur Balakrishnan and Madhavan who served jail terms during the Emergency and P. Preman, who endured jail brutalities, open their minds before the cameras for the documentary.

Vinod Mannassery, the director of the documentary, and Mukkom grama panchayat president A. Kalyanikutty were also present at the press conference.

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