Telecommunication vital for success of firms

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`Telecom network determines firm's competitiveness'IP network for data transfer vital

KOCHI: The emergence of Internet Protocol network for transfer of voice, data and video has been a landmark in the telecommunications sector. Advanced systems making use of the network have made telecom services simpler and faster.

Organisations with more than one location face the challenge of managing multiple systems and suffer from limited integration among remote sites. A single point of administration through the IP network would be an ideal solution to the problems, according to experts.

Telecommunications has become a vital tool that could decide an organisation's existence. The telecommunication network has a decisive role in determining the competitiveness of an enterprise, says B. Muralidharan, assistant general manager, BPL Telecom Private Ltd.

IP telephony brings tremendous productivity advantages to a wide range of businesses. Regardless of the size of the organisation, telecommunication costs could be reduced significantly, he said.

Today, high speed fibre networks, digital technologies and new public network services are revolutionising the way information is transferred and managed, says P. Srinivasan, service head of the company.

His company, in association with Tadiran Telecom of Israel, has introduced a range of products aimed at improving the communication capabilities of organisations. For instance, Sigma INDX is a digital system that uses a technology facilitating transmission of voice, data and video on a single platform. The new system facilitates functions such as desktop video conferencing.

With the increase in applications using multimedia, ISDN coverage, advances in PC technology, availability of bandwidth, video signal data compression and increasing market potential, there has been a corresponding growth in the popularity of desktop video conferencing, says Mr. Srinivasan. The Sigma INDX is built to support advanced Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) through the Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI). This standard integrates computers and telephony as proposed by Microsoft and Intel, according to him.

Ipx Office, another product, offers a range of IP functionalities. It is administered via the Web and allows management from any intranet or Internet access point.