Teachers defend Registrar

Staff Reporter

MALAPPURAM: The Association of Calicut University Teachers (ACT) has defended Sanskrit professor and Calicut University Registrar T.K. Narayanan against “a flurry of attacks by a section of the media and a section of the university employees and teachers.”

A section of the employees and teachers had demanded that Dr. Narayanan be removed from service in the light of an order by the Chancellor ratifying the appointment of a rival candidate for professorship whom Dr. Narayanan had challenged in court. M. Manoharan, secretary of the ACT, said in a statement on Friday that the court had neither revoked nor spoken anything against the appointment of Dr. Narayanan.


He said the media and some employees were engaged in a vilification campaign against Dr. Narayanan by “deliberately hiding the facts” while highlighting the court's and the Chancellor's ruling in the case involving B. Karunakaran.

Dr. Manoharan said Dr. Karunakaran had not even been qualified to apply for the professor's post when it was notified in 1986.

The ACT leader said Dr. Karunakaran was given undue marks by the interview board by flouting the norms of the Academic Council.

He also said Dr. Narayanan's credentials were not considered by the interview board.

Dr. Manoharan said none of the respondents, except the Chancellor, was given an opportunity to express their views when the court heard the case.

He said the decision of the Chancellor to give ‘notional appointment' to Dr. Karunakaran was biased.