Steps to check cyber crime

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Kozhikode police tie up with Mumbai-based Internet security firm

Cyber cafes to install CLINCK Cyber Café Manager

Software to capture relevant visitor data easily

Kozhikode: The police have tied-up with a Mumbai-based Internet security firm to check cyber crime in the city.

From now onwards, cyber cafes will install software CLINCK Cyber Café Manager provided free of cost by the Ideacts Innovations that helps to clearly identify the visitors to the cafes.

An interactive session of cyber cafe owners and police officers with company representatives was held at the Police Club here on Monday. The police wanted the 250-odd Internet cafes in the city and in areas such as Kunnamangalam, Feroke and Ramanattukara to install the software to curb the misuse of the Internet.

Speaking at the session, Assistant Commissioner of Police C.M. Pradeep Kumar said most cafes failed to properly maintain a register despite instructions.

Krishna Swami, head of operations, Ideacts Innovations, said cyber café owners today did not have practical solutions for café management and visitor information storage. The CLINCK Cyber Café Manager, now catering to 60 cities, including Kochi, in the country, was an easy to use software in all aspects of café management such as accounting, terminal management and user date storage.

Café owners would also be able to provide maximum information to law enforcing agencies, including critical photo capture. A registered user could also use the user name across all partner cafes in the country without repeatedly providing the information. The software has been installed in 6,780 cafes in the country. The total terminal base is 30,000 and monthly user-base was 58 lakh, he said.


Visitors will be requested for registration for any access to the terminal and Internet. An all-India login ID will be provided with the application. All information and date back-up will be done on CLINCK servers and it includes storage of photo, photo ID, address, contact numbers and e-register. It also facilitated highly efficient terminal management, report generation, inventory management and enabled easy deployment and usability, Mr. Swami said.

He said that the aim of the interactive session was to make Internet café owners aware of the misuse of cyberspace in various anti-national and criminal activities and the problems faced by all stakeholders in reporting such crimes.

S. Sreejith, Commissioner of Police, Kozhikode city, said in a press release majority of cyber cafes maintained visitor data in physical registers which was not only inefficient information management but also difficult to retrieve when required. Cyber cafes had been used by anti-social elements and securing them was important, he said.

With the launch of the CLINCK Cyber Café Manager, cafes could capture all relevant visitor data easily and without any investment. It would ensure the cafes to do a smooth, secure and safe business and assist in national security, Mr. Sreejith said.

The Cyber Cell Sub Inspector Satheesh Kumar also participated.