Space, ‘soccer’ at Tathva

Staff Reporter

Events of NIT-C festival comprised ‘robosoccer’ and a lecture on space transportation.

KOZHIKODE: B.N. Suresh, eminent aerospace scientist and Director of IIST, delivered a lecture on ‘space transportation system in India’ on Saturday, the second day of ‘Tathva,’ the annual techno-management fete of the National Institute of Technology, Calicut (NIT-C), here.

The talk by Dr. Suresh was the 12th in a series of lectures which began on October 16. The lecture gave an insight into the present and future of space transportation.

The presentation began with the history of space research development in India. Dr. Suresh went on to explain the projects launched hitherto, the working of a satellite launcher and the different stages in rocket propulsion.

Launch vehicles

A detailing of the structure of launch vehicles such as PSLV and GSLV was part of the lecture.

Students were then given a fair idea of possibilities in space transportation. The lecture ended with an interactive session.

Management students tested their skills at the Tathva Management Quiz. The Beagleboard workshop, which is based on the concept of Open Source Hardware, and Ethical Hacking and Web Designing Workshop were held on Saturday.

The day also saw League of Machines, Tathva’s robosoccer event. ‘Wheels’ featured an Audi A4 and a Tata Nano. The Concept Car Design Competition, the winner of which wins an internship from Defiance Technology, too took place on Saturday.


Another highlight was the ‘Aeroshow.’ Remote-controlled aircraft which flew about the campus delighted onlookers.

Several schoolchildren were given free tours of the NIT-C exhibitions and laboratories.

Tathva ends on Sunday. P. Pradeepkumar, space scientist, will deliver a lecture on ‘Chandrayaan and Finding of Water on the Moon.’

Prabhakaran Paleri, director of NIT-C School of Management Studies will also address the students on ‘Skills for surviving a Professional Career’ on Sunday.