Sanskrit finds its way into Wikisource

Wikisource, a global project that aims to build online libraries of original source-texts in different languages, is now available for Sanskrit. Wikisource is promoted by the Wikimedia Foundation, the force behind the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

The launching of a new sub-domain ( ) for the Sanskrit Wikisource is further expected to give an impetus to a volunteer-driven effort to create an open library of source texts in the language.

Wikisource focusses on original texts that have been ‘verifiably published elsewhere' and subject to peer review.

They can include historically significant works, speeches, literary material and so on, and also translations of source texts. Such texts should be outside the purview of copyright.

The process of collecting Sanskrit source-texts has been going on for some time under the main Wikisource web domain ( as part of an incubation process. Already over 2,000 pages of Sanskrit material have been collected and some of those associated with the Wiki movement thought that the time had come for the Sanskrit material to have a home of its own. And a proposal was made to the Wikimedia Foundation last year, which was approved, paving the way for the setting up of the sub-domain a few days ago.

The setting up of the sub-domain will provide the impetus for a community of volunteers to emerge and take forward the activities of the Sanskrit Wikisource with greater vigour, volunteers associated with the project say.

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