SHRC directive to medical officer

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Treatment for mentally-challenged boy

KANNUR: The Kerala State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) has directed the District Medical Officer (DMO) to send a medical team to examine the health of seven-year-old Athul, a mentally-challenged boy who had been chained in his house at Sreekantapuram for the past six years.

SHRC member V.P. Mohankumar issued the directive to the DMO to have the boy examined by a medical team following media reports about the boy.

He had also visited the house on April 9.

An official press release issued here on Thursday said that Athul who could not speak had been under treatment at Payyavur.

The boy would stay awake at night and scream if he had not been administered nine pills every day.

The boy’s gums were sore and bleeding, it said adding that unless the boy’s hands and legs were tied, he would cause injury to himself. His father Varghese was unemployed, the release said.

Mr. Varghese told the commission that the cost of medicine a week would be Rs.300. In its inquiry, the commission found that government doctors had not seen the boy and it was also found that the boy was not getting treatment from doctors at the nearby Primary Health Centre at Kuttimukham.

Make available doctor

Mr. Mohankumar instructed the DMO to make arrangements to ensure that a doctor from the Sreekantapuram hospital or any nearby hospital examined the boy once a week. The DMO was also told to find out a doctor having expertise in treatment of identical disorders to treat Athul.

Free treatment

The commission asked the DMO to request the Indian Medical Association to offer the medicines required for Athul free-of-cost.

A specialist doctor should be assigned by the Superintendent of the Pariyaram Medical College Hospital to examine the boy once a month, he ordered.

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