Rewrite history from Indian point of view: K.N. Panikkar

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The colonial view had failed to present the Indian voice, Panikkar said

“Students should raise questions against the colonial view of history”

KOCHI: History has to be re-written from the Indian point of view, K. N. Panikkar, renowned historian, has said.

Delivering the keynote address at the valedictory of the golden jubilee celebrations of the postgraduate course in history offered by the Department of History at Maharajas College here on Thursday, Dr. Panikkar said that the colonial view had failed to present the Indian voice while documenting the country’s history.

Urging the young historians to constantly question the marginalisation of the oppressed in the history of the country, Mr. Panikkar said that the answers emerging will help in making their research exciting. He said that students should raise questions against the colonial view of history .

Referring to the unheard voices in the history, Mr. Panikkar said nobody had told the people that there was a cultural resistance against the British. This cultural resistance had refused to accept the British norms. There was also resistance by social groups against the British, he said. Mr. Panikkar stressed the need to record and recover the voice of Indians to learn more about the true voice of India. He said that the country needs to bring out the history of the oppressed. Stating that the history of Kerala was yet to be written scientifically, Mr. Panikkar called for a debate on various historical aspects of the country. Linking the learning of history with the re-structuring exercise undertaken by the Higher Education Council, Dr. Panikkar said that teachers and students should have the academic freedom to teach and learn courses of their choice.

A flexible system where students would have the option to learn other subjects was required in our higher education, Dr. Panikkar said.

R. Sasikumar, Principal of Maharajas College, presided. Former Heads of Departments including N. K. Narayanan, K. K. Viswanathan, and Chida Naseem; Valsamma Sebastian, Head of the History Department; faculty members N. Asoka Kumar, and Rajan Potti spoke.

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