Provide facilities for pilgrims: Kummanom

Staff Reporter

Hindu Aikya Vedi leader urges Government to act urgently

KOTTAYAM: Kummanom Rajasekharan, general secretary, Hindu Aikya Vedi, has called upon the State Government to take urgent steps to provide adequate facilities to the pilgrims at Sabarimala and Aluva to participate in the religious functions.

On account of the muddy waters of Periyar, the `balitharpanam' (rites for forefathers) in Aluva could not be held properly. The pilgrims who arrive for Kumbha masa puja at Sabarimala too are facing problems created by an apathetic Government, he said.

Even volunteers are finding it difficult to get basic facilities, he added.

Mr. Rajasekharan alleged that the temples that were under the Devaswoms have been orphaned ever since the Boards ceased to exist. It was for the first time that more than 1,800 temples have come under the control of one Government secretary, he said. Although the Boards have ceased to exist, the Government had not made any alternative arrangements, Mr Rajasekharan said.