Promising start, predictable end

Satyaraj and Dileep in Aagathan.

Satyaraj and Dileep in Aagathan.  


Shot in exotic locations, director Kamal's latest flick Aagathan takes the viewer on a tour of Kashmir in the first half. Post-interval, the protagonist follows some leads to fulfil a mission. The movie, based on Ravikumar's script, loses sheen and meanders to a predictable close. Gautham Menon (Dileep) has had it tough in life. He lost his parents to terrorists when he was a boy. His only sister fell victim to the desires of an army officer. This haunts him and he sets out on a mission to meet the culprit. On a bus to Bangalore, he befriends Shreya (Charmi). Though she has a liking for him, he is preoccupied with something. So, after a while he disappears leaving her a note. Even after that Shreya happens to see Gautham in different roles, always helping those in need. But he keeps away from her.

Meanwhile, Shreya's father, retired Col. Hareendranath (Sathyaraj), mother (Zarina Wahab) and grandmother (Valsala Menon) are in search of a suitor for Shreya. But she does not relent for she is in love with Gautham. Just then Gautham comes to the colonel's farmhouse on a mission and wins over the family in no time, especially the tough Hareendranath who agrees to Shreya's betrothal with Gautham. But little does he realise that Gautham had other plans. He wants to reveal some unpleasant truth. But the suspense fizzles out.

G. Jayakumar

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