Priyanandan inaugurates media seminar

Staff Reporter

KOCHI: Film director Priyanandan inaugurated a media seminar organised here on Tuesday by a Pune-based media institute.

He was candid when he started off his inaugural address stating that he was yet to get a clear picture about the nature of the seminar and what he was expected to speak on. Director of two critically-acclaimed films, ‘Neythukaran’ and ‘Pulijanmam’, Priyanandan eventually settled on the topic of his cinematic experience and what the medium of film meant to him. Not a big oration at that, but a brief address.

“Film, for me, is an art form to tell all those things I want to tell others, and to myself,” he said. Films should not be merely superficial but should have depth. Audience coming out after watching a film should feel compelled to search for the truths that are being veiled from them. A good film should enable the viewer to find the truth and make him daring to announce what he felt was true, he said.

He felt that more than the visual beauty, it is the ability to tell a topic in depth that was important.

Priyanandan explained how financial constraints restricted the way he canned his films.

“But I had a relevant topic to tell and was able to tell it strongly. Perhaps that is the reason why both my films won recognition. It is not the beauty of the shots that matters but the relevance of the subject,” said the director who is now working on his next project ‘Sufi Paranja Katha’, a cinematic adaptation of the novel of the same title by K.P. Ramannunni, as he signed off.

The eighth edition of Footprints, a media seminar organised by Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, discussed topics like citizen journalism; Malayalam cinema and youth of Kerala; and media and tourism – a symbiotic relationship.

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