Officials warned of action

Special Correspondent

Against delay in issuing building permits

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Minister for Local Self- Government Paloli Mohammed Kutty has directed top officials of his department to take stern action against panchayat secretaries who are not prompt in issuing building permits to applicants.

In a press release on Monday, the Minister’s office said that when the State government made building licences compulsory in panchayat areas, the secretaries were specifically instructed not to cause any difficulties to the applicants. The panchayat secretaries should ensure issue of receipts at the time of receiving the applications. The licences should be issued on the date of receipt of applications for buildings having a plinth area of up to 150 sq.m. For those exceeding that level, licences should be issued within 30 days of receiving applications.

If there was any legal issue involved, it should be communicated in writing to the applicant within seven days, the press release said.

The new rule insisting upon building licence in panchayat areas was not applicable in case of buildings on which work was started before June 6.

Occupancy permits

Occupancy permits should be given to all such buildings unconditionally if the plinth area was below 150 sq.m. If the plinth area exceeded that level, the secretaries should personally examine documents and insist on conditions such as adequate parking space and security arrangements only if there was enough space on the site for such facilities.

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