Nurturing the tree of friendship with gifts and cards

SAY IT WITH CARDS: Youngsters purchasing cards on Valentines Day.

SAY IT WITH CARDS: Youngsters purchasing cards on Valentines Day.  

R. Ramabhadran Pillai

KOCHI: A souvenir to express love to a friend may sound odd to many because their friendship can’t be truly limited by such expressions. But it is part and parcel of many a modern friendly relationship. Greeting the friend not only in words but in deeds also is the order of the day. And there are a whole lot of commercial interests waiting to cash in on the trend.

Cards and curios of various hues to greet the friend on various occasions are aplenty in the market. It is often a tough task to select the right card in a card shop. The readymade cards have a wide range from a rupee to a few hundreds.

In fact, the market is being nurtured by an industry that brings in innovations.

Many of the greeting cards are intended for the teenagers who throng the card shops any time of the year. Celebration of Valentine’s day has become a fad among them. The custom has gained strength over the years thanks to the promotion drive by an industry selling curios and cards.

The price of the mementos too has taken an upward swing. A diamond studded ring being presented to the girl friend is not a rare act in Kochi. What is more important is that the presentation comes from a student in a school and not from an IT professional.

Some of the favourite haunts of the teenagers on the lookout for trendy items include a modern mall on Marine Drive where the curio shops cater to their need.

The flourishing business of modern coffee shops too could be traced to the commercial turn that the friendships are going through. Sipping coffee and discussing business was the concept yesterday, but it is friendly chat going over a cup of hot coffee in most of these trendy outlets today.

The elements of fun and frolic dominate the scene and spending capacity takes a back seat.

In a society ready to accept western trends, friendship parties too are undergoing a change.

And they will continue to be so even as true friendships thrive on trust and love.

For, true friendship can’t be bound by such pleasantries or mementos.

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