New IT policy sets eyes on ‘knowledge society’

Special Correspondent

Plan to develop ICT industry along ‘hub and spoke’ model

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Information Technology Policy of the State Government, approved by the Cabinet on Wednesday, aims to turn Kerala into “a knowledge society with sustainable economic growth, social harmony and high quality of life for all.”

The policy says that Free Software presents a unique opportunity for building a truly egalitarian knowledge society.

The Government will encourage appropriate use of Free Software in all its Information and Communication Technology (ICT) initiatives.

The Government will adopt “conscious, positive steps to confirm the inclusion of the disadvantaged sections of the society” in the transformation that ICT is bringing to the society. The Government will also encourage the wilful participation of the digitally privileged sections in the efforts to prevent the less privileged sections from getting marginalised in the transformation process.

Using ICT to ensure transparency and efficiency in the services the Government offers to the citizens, applying it for strengthening the economy and creating favourable climate for investments in ICT ventures are some of the targets of the policy. The Government’s efforts will be to develop ICT industry along “a hub and spoke model.”

Cities such as Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi will be developed as the hubs, with the spokes stretching to smaller centres all over the State.

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