Navy helps in rescue operations

Staff Reporter

Kochi: The Indian Navy deployed two Dornier aircraft from INS Garuda, Kochi, to assist the district administration in Kozhikode to help in the fire-fighting operations there.

The civil administration had requested the Southern Naval Command for the services of a helicopter to aid in the fire-fighting, according to a Naval spokesman. Since the Navy was not equipped with helicopters that could be used for fire-fighting, Rear Admiral Rajender Singh, Chief of Staff of the Southern Naval Command, directed the Dorniers to be sent to Kozhikode with a medical team.

The aircraft, on a training sortie, were recalled and sent to Kozhikode with the medical team comprising 11 members, including two doctors under Surgeon Commander R. Koshi. Commander C. Suresh also accompanied the team to liase with the civil authorities.

A Naval helicopter was also deployed with additional medical supplies.