Move to humiliate Pinarayi will be thwarted: Sudhakaran

Staff Reporter

ALAPPUZHA: Coir and Cooperation Minister G. Sudhakaran has said that all efforts by vested interests to destroy the Communist Party of India (Marxist) would fail and that the party would move as a single united force to thwart the attempts to humiliate the party’s State secretary, Pinarayi Vijayan.

Inaugurating a CITU District Workers’ Conference here on Sunday, Mr. Sudhakaran said that “a case booked against Mr. Vijayan was a case booked against each and every party worker” and that “prosecuting Mr. Vijayan was akin to prosecuting each and every party worker.”

Mr. Vijayan, he continued, was an ideal party secretary who worked day and night to strengthen the party and as Electricity Minister, had led Kerala from darkness to light. The SNC Lavalin deal was drawn out by the United Democratic Front (UDF) government and all the memoranda of understanding related to it were signed by the then Electricity Minister G. Karthikeyan. What the Left Democratic Front (LDF) government had done was only to make the deal profitable for the State.

“The entire conspiracy was hatched by Mr. Karthikeyan, but he is not among the accused,” the Minister said.

The conspiracy against the CPI (M) had drawn inspiration from the fall of the Soviet Union. But the case would not be the same in Kerala, where the public still maintained its affection for the CPI (M). “There is a Gorbachev waiting in the dark, somewhere outside Kerala, to destabilise the CPI (M). But nothing is going to happen,” he said.

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