Load-shedding in district

Staff Reporter

The shortage in imported power

is expected on Tuesday also.

KOCHI: The district witnessed partial load-shedding on Monday as a result of overloading of the Udumalpet line that brings power to the State from Tamil Nadu.

Many parts of the district experience load-shedding during the peak hours in the evening.

As there were fears of power shortage, industrial consumers were requested to switch to generators by noon, Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) sources said.

However, many of these consumers were unable to make alternative arrangements as the alert could not be given well in advance and hence power supply to domestic consumers had to be disrupted in the evening.

Load-shedding of 30 minutes each was carried out between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. from different feeders in the district.

Even then, instructions were given through the Load Despatch Centre to spare the central city region as far as possible.

Rural areas affected

The rural district and city suburbs experienced load-shedding on Monday, said KSEB sources.

The shortage in imported power is expected on Tuesday also, but being a holiday for industrial units on account of Republic Day, KSEB sources are expecting to meet domestic demand without much disruption.

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