Left not against nuclear energy: Bardhan

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Says it is strongly in favour of unconstrained power for India in nuclear deals

ALAPPUZHA: Communist Party of India (CPI) general secretary A.B. Bardhan has said that the Left is not against nuclear energy, but is strongly in favour of unconstrained power for India to decide on how, when and where the country can deal in nuclear trade.

Speaking at the valedictory function of the birth centenary celebrations of the legendary freedom fighter Bhagat Singh, organised by the All India Youth Federation here on Saturday, Mr. Bardhan said the Left was against only the nuclear deal with the U.S., for which the country would have to pay a heavy price, not just in terms of dollars but from the political point of view as well.

“In the name of the 123 agreement, we are allowing the imperialist U.S. forces to have a say on our independence and sovereignty, on our foreign policy and on our powers to make decisions on matters regarding our nation. We have seen what the US did in Vietnam, in Iraq, Iran and in Afghanistan. This is their strategy. Are we to be part of this strategy?” he asked.

Call to youth

Stating that the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) should care more for Parliament and the feelings of the Indian people than for the words of George Bush, David Mulford or Condoleezza Rice, Mr. Bardhan called upon the youth to remember the revolutionary ways of Bhagat Singh and to be prepared to protect the country’s sovereignty.

Accusing the UPA of nurturing desires to get step by step closer to American imperialism and to enter into a strategic alliance with the U.S., the veteran CPI leader said India already had 17 nuclear reactors without help from the U.S.

The freedom to have more, to buy and sell nuclear power and to decide on related matters should not be compromised to the U.S., he said.

Mr. Bardhan said the youth of today had to carry in their hearts the three slogans of “Inquilab Zindabad,” “Down with imperialism” and “Long live the proletariat and socialism” contributed to the nation by Bhagat Singh.

The “immortal martyr” had realised in his short life of 24 years that there was no other way than revolution to change the destiny of the people and the nation and to protect its sovereignty, he said.

Bhagat Singh’s nephew Jagmohan Singh; Panniyan Raveendran, MP; West Bengal Minister Sreekumar Mukherjee; and several AIYF leaders were present.

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