Kshitij beckons students to Kharagpur

The techno-management fete of IIT, Kharagpur, will be held from January 31 to February 3.

In the first quarter of each year, thousands of students from across the country assemble at a small town in eastern West Bengal to celebrate knowledge.

‘Kshitij,’ a techno-management festival organised by the students of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, is a one-stop destination for the best brains among the student community.

IIT scholars on the campus are gearing up for the latest edition of the event, which is scheduled to be held from January 31 to February 3. Event coordinators are touring the country inviting students from hundreds of campuses.

Says Prabhat Kumar, core team member of Kshitij 2008: “The fete is the largest of its kind in terms of participation, prizes, judges and guests. It is a platform for students to exhibit their knowledge, skills and talent in the fields of technology and management. During the fete, students interact and collaborate to conceive and execute ideas, plans and presentations.”

Campus visits

Mr. Kumar visited the Cochin University of Science and Technology, Model Engineering College, and Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology and gave presentations on Kshitij.

He says that last year’s event had over 15,000 registered participants. “We also had over 3,000 outstation participants, Rs.25 lakh worth prizes, 30 lakh hits on the Kshitij 07 web site and over 45 events, workshops and guest lectures.”

Some of the guests who gave speeches included Paul Crutzen (Nobel laureate in Chemistry, 1995); K. Kasturirangan, former Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation; cosmonaut Rakesh Sharma; Harold Kroto (Nobel prize in Chemistry, 1996; Mr. Kroto gave a video conference); and Kevin Warwick, Professor of Cybernetics at the University of Reading, U.K.


On the events planned for Kshitij 08, Mr. Kumar says 30 technical and 15 managerial events would test the skills of the students.

In the Bplan contest, students need to submit a business plan. Prizes to the tune of Rs.12 lakh await the toppers.

OpenSoft is an open-ended software design competition where participants can submit any software made by them.

‘Tycoons’ is a business competition that tests the entrepreneurial flair of the students, while Woodstock is a real stock exchange game that is played with virtual money. Participants face real-time share price fluctuations.

Forex is an online currency game where students get a chance to deal in real-time foreign exchange, minus the risks and with as much thrill.

With five events that include robo relay, mission mars, stackistics, terra ranger and I.M.A.G.E, Robotix is a technological buffet for mechanical aficionados and programmers to feast on.

The deadline for the first round submissions for several events for Kshitij 08 is December 16.

More details can be had from ‘Team Kshitij’ on > or >

G. Krishnakumar

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