Kinaloor: plea to VS

Special Correspondent

Kozhikode: In an open letter to Chief Minister V.S. Achuthanandan, the Jana Jagratha Samithi of Kinaloor has appealed to take immediate measures to prevent further harassment of people for opposing the government survey for the four-lane road project there.

“The police tried to crush a democratic protest staged by the people against a project that will damage the delicate eco-system of Kinaloor…You (Chief Minister) had seen in TV channels the way the police behaved and was kind enough to call back the police…even women and children were not spared. Though the police action was stopped, policemen are still hunting us. We are being condemned as anti-development communalists and Maoists, the letter said.

It was also critical of Industries Minister Elamaram Karim for defending the police action but was confident that the Chief Minister would intervene on behalf of the local people who were opposing the project.

The samithi demanded a probe into the police action at Kinaloor.