KSSP flays moves against vaccination

Special Correspondent

Kozhikode: The urgent need for a campaign to maintain and strengthen people’s confidence in vaccination programmes has been underlined by the Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishad (KSSP).

It has also called for awareness programmes in order to counter the propaganda against vaccination that is being carried on by certain groups.

Stressing on the need for such a campaign, KSSP general secretary C.M. Muraleedharan appealed to the government on Monday to take steps to restore people’s confidence in vaccinating children against diseases since people’s false fears about vaccinating children would lead to the return of diseases like diphtheria. The KSSP has also called for a review of the pulse polio programme. Mopping up operations in places from where polio is being reported would be enough instead of large-scale anti-polio vaccination drives Mr. Muraleedharan said. The Parishad’s views come at a time when a debate is going on about the pulse polio programme.

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