Irrigation Department to get electrical wing: Minister

Water Resources Minister N.K. Premachandran has said that the government will give shape to a separate electrical wing in the Irrigation department to speed up various irrigation projects in the State.

Opening the newly constructed ‘Cauvery House' of the department at West Hill, here, on Thursday, Mr. Premachandran said the matter had already been discussed with the Finance Minister.

“It is a fact that several of the projects undertaken by the Irrigation department are incomplete owing to the lack of an own electrical wing,” he said. The delay in constituting the electrical wing had mainly affected the lift irrigation schemes, he said.

Mayor M. Bhaskaran and Chief Engineer P. Lathika had brought the issue to Mr. Premachandran's notice. They said it was a tedious affair to approach the Public Works Department (PWD) electrical wing in Thiruvananthapuram to complete the electrical works of various projects.

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