Gujarati Mahajan celebrates 125 years

Staff Reporter

Kochi: Cochin Gujarati Mahajan, the association of Gujarati and Marwari community in the district, will celebrate its ‘125 years Mahotsav 2009’ at the Gujarati School in Mattancherry on Sunday and Monday with a host of festivities and art, craft, sports and literature competitions.

Outdoor games, one-minute games and singing competitions will be held as part of the celebration on Sunday. Monday will witness various fine arts and crafts competitions.

Numerous legends do the rounds about the arrival of Gujaratis in the State. It is surmised that of some of the people who fled Gujarat following the attack by Mahmud of Ghazni settled in Kerala as well. The Cochin Gujarati Mahajan, however, came into existence in 1883. Currently, there are about 800 Gujarati families comprising about 4,000 people in Kochi.

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