Gangland attack: four Bund Colony youths arrested

Staff Reporter

Thiruvananthapuram: The city police have arrested four youths suspected to be responsible for the gang-related armed attack in which a 35-year-old man was grievously injured near Thekkumoodu Junction on January 13 evening.

Those arrested are Vatttappara Binu, Arun, ‘Blackie’ Kuttan and Praveen, all residents of Bund Colony. Circle Inspector V. Suresh Kumar said they were arrested from a colony near Chempazhanthy.

Binu, who is wanted in several cases, had recently served a jail term after a court found him guilty of abetting the suicide of his wife.

Mr. Suresh said the injured person, Anikuttan, was a former associate of the Barton Hill-based gang leader Goondukadu Shabu. Anikuttan sustained 19 injuries in the attack. His leg was severed and he was almost given up for dead by the policemen who rushed him to the hospital.

Quoting Anikuttan’s statement, Mr. Suresh said Goondukadu Shabu had ordered the attack. He said Anikuttan’s brother, Jayaprakash alias JP, and Shabu were together in the business of selling salvaged parts of demolished houses. Last year, Shabu objected to Jayaprakash doing the business independently and demanded a share in his profits. Later, Jayaprakash was attacked in Barton Hill colony and the Museum police named Shabu as accused in the case. Shabu’s gang forcibly evicted Jayaprakash from the colony.

Anikuttan publicly swore to avenge his brother. In July last year, Anikuttan lost his right hand in a fight inside Shabu’s house at Barton Hill. The police booked Shabu and his wife on the charge of attempted murder on the

basis of Anikuttan’s statement.

According to the CI, Shabu allegedly enlisted Vattapara Binu and others to kill Anikuttan. The police said an armed gang chased Anikuttan from the Bund Colony junction around 5.45 p.m. and hacked him in front of several residents on the drainage road, near Anadayil Hospital.

Mr. Suresh said Anikuttan had revealed the names of his attackers to the doctors who admitted him at the Medical College Hospital. They recorded Anikuttan’s statement in his wound certificate, a document crucial for the prosecution of the case.

Shabu is currently in judicial custody after the police found arms and explosives in a car in which he was travelling early this month. The car had got involved in an accident at Mangalapuram and locals rushed the injured occupants, including Shabu, to the hospital. The police who inspected the accident scene later said that they found two swords and several crude explosives in the vehicle owned by one Siad of Kowdiar.

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