For safe blood transfusion

The world community celebrates World Blood Donors’ Day on June 14 to remember the life-saving service by the thousands of people who voluntarily donate blood. The celebrations are organised to create public awareness of voluntary blood donation and to encourage more people to become regular donors. The day also serves to seek renewed commitment from health professionals and policy makers to work towards making safe blood transfusion available to those who require it. The message communicated is that voluntary blood donors are the foundation of blood safety in any health care system as they are associated with significantly lower levels of infection which can be transmitted through transfusion.

The theme of this year’s World Blood Donors’ Day is ‘Safe blood for safe motherhood.’ The theme has been chosen by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to highlight the role of safe blood transfusion in maternal and peri-natal care. Post-partum haemorrhage is one of the biggest direct causes of maternal death in India. This is totally preventable if health facilities in the peripheral areas are equipped with safe blood storage and transfusion facilities to provide emergency obstetric care The WHO says that world-wide, more than 5,00,000 maternal deaths take place each year, 99 per cent of them in the developing countries.


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