Flower show to begin on Saturday

Staff Reporter

Thiruvananthapuram: An array of ornamental fishes, including exotic breeds, will be the main attraction of the aquarium show being organised in connection with the eight-day 36th Flower Show 2007 that gets under way at the Institution of Engineers Hall premises and Observatory Hills from January 20.

Matsyafed, the Department of Fisheries and the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute will make their presence felt as in the previous edition of the show with their rich display of fishes. Forty different freshwater and marine species of fishes and aquatic plants will be on display.

Indigenous and exotic species of both freshwater and marine ornamental fishes will be on display at the show. The show will feature sophisticated methods of aquarium design, decoration and management with emphasis on eco-friendliness.

Emperor angel seen in the Indo-Pacific ocean region will be the main attraction among the marine ornamental fishes. Golden sea horse, turkey fish, also known as dragon fish, lion fish, star fishes and porcupine fish will be on display from among the fishes in the marine section. Gourami, angels, swordtail, kissing gourami, piranha, gold fish and black shark will figure among the varieties in the freshwater section.

The flower show is being organised jointly by the Department of Agriculture, Kerala Tourism, the Corporation of Thiruvananthapuram, the Kerala Agri-Horticultural Society and the Kerala Rose Society.

Different varieties of anthurium, orchid, petunia and roses will be the highlight of the flower show.

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