Film on AKG set for release tomorrow

Towering personalities: AKG and Nehru in front of Teenmurthy Bhavan, a scene from Shaji N. Karun’s docu-fiction on AKG.

Towering personalities: AKG and Nehru in front of Teenmurthy Bhavan, a scene from Shaji N. Karun’s docu-fiction on AKG.  

Special Correspondent

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Thirty years after his death, veteran Communist leader A.K. Gopalan, popularly known as AKG, is set to take centre stage in Kerala once again.

Filmmaker Shaji N. Karun’s docu-fiction on the Communist revolutionary who blazed his way into the hearts of Malayalis is slated for release in theatres across the State on Thursday. The film is produced by the Kasaragod district committee of the Purogamana Kala Sahitya Sangham and Abudhabi Sakthi Theatres.

Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, P. Karunakaran, MP, AKG’s son-in-law, described the film as an attempt to recreate the eternal moments in the life of a great leader and lover of humanity who had struggled hard for the rights of the oppressed and the downtrodden.

“It is the first people’s film in Kerala. It uses common people instead of junior artistes for the depiction of several scenes such as the mass rallies and refugee camps,” he said.

Mr. Karunakaran said AKG’s love for the masses and his firm belief in Communism formed the central theme of the documentary. The proceeds from the film would be used for an endowment to help students from poor families to further their education.

Mr. Karun said the film was the culmination of six years of research and effort. “In recreating the historical moments in AKG’s life, I have been true to reality. The research work involved detailed interaction with AKG’s comrades. including former Parliamentarians and many others who knew him well. The fictional element is confined to the format.” Mr. Karun said he had to overcome many a challenge in reconstructing the incidents in AKG’s life, struggles and political career. “We had no recordings of AKG’s voice,” he said.

P.V.K. Panayal has penned the script and theatre artiste P. Sreekumar dons the titular role. Writer Punathil Kunhabdulla plays the role of C.H. Muhammad Koya and M.P. Parameswaran plays the role of EMS Namboodiripad. E.K. Nayanar’s role is enacted by his son Krishnakumar. The film was shot in Kasaragod, Thiruvananthapuram and Delhi where AKG spent several years as the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament. AKG’s interactions with Jawaharlala Nehru and Indira Gandhi have also been depicted.

The hour-long film would be offered to the public as a package along with the feature film ‘Thakarachenda’ made by Avira Rebecca who won the State award for debutant director. A viewer can purchase one ticket to watch both the movies. ‘Thakarachenda’ features Srinivasan and Geethumohandas as the lead characters. The film deals with the life of families displaced by urbanisation.

Justifying the marketing technique, Mr. Karun said ‘Thakarachenda’ was chosen because it gelled with the message of the documentary.

The films will be released at 16 centres simultaneously on Thursday.

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