Fewer churidar-clad women at Guruvayur after Devaprasnam

Guruvayur: The recent astrological finding that the presiding deity of the Guruvayur temple was angry over relaxation in the dress code for the fair sex has led to a sharp drop in women devotees clad in churidar.

More and more women are seen clad in saris apparently not wanting to displease the deity after the astrological exercise called Devaprasnam conducted earlier this month found that the recent relaxation of dress code did not go well with the presiding deity, temple officials said.

“These days one could hardly find any women in churidar in the temple. This seems a voluntary change,” a senior security officer of the temple said.

Raging debate

The findings on the dress code triggered a raging debate with women groups dubbing it as an attempt to bring back the conservative traditions. But, the findings apparently had the desired effect on women devotees, who "voluntarily" reverted to saris or the traditional half-sari vogue in Kerala while visiting the temple, the officials said.

Churidhar, perceived to be a north Indian dress, is increasingly becoming popular in the south. – PTI

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