Unite for a cause

The ruling front and the Opposition should unite for a powerful and united movement to protect the interests of the common man.

Kochi Corporation has been having problems for many years and so far no government/corporation could do anything for the most important aspects of road repairs and waste management.

The Corporation Secretary and the Chief Engineer should co-ordinate with plant operation agencies and do the needful.

Davis Vithayathil



I thank the Kerala High Court for warning the Kochi Corporation regarding their indifference to the city’s problems. The corporation needs to be dissolved for non-performance, and charge given to a capable IAS officer as was done in Surat during the plague epidemic, to help this city get into shape.

The state of the roads in this city and the quality of those on bridges should shame the councillors and legislators. What is the use of trumpeting that this will become a tourist city, one, where cruises will begin when all that we see everywhere are garbage heaps, potholed roads and a filthy waterfront.

Take the example of the Kundanoor bridge. A toll is collected on every vehicle that passes through it. But what is the state of the road on the bridge? So also with the bridge between Vytilla and Palarivttom junction. We cannot even make the joints between sections bump free.

Suresh G. Rao


Take action

Roads are piled up with garbage, and it is very difficult for pedestrians to move about. We the people of Ernakulam are surprised that the corporation and the government are keeping quiet. This accumulation of garbage also causes traffic congestion. The court has to intervene and take stringent action against all officers who are responsible for this menace.

We have not seen corporation personnel collecting garbage daily. In Chennai and Mumbai in the morning, roads are cleaned and garbage removed. I suggest that the Mayor and corporation authorities should themselves check the condition of roads and the garbage lying on the road.

N. Venkat

By email

In poor condition

The area that needs particular attention is the Thevara Road i.e. from M.G. Road point past Sacred Heart College Road up to the Thevara Ferry point. This road is in a deplorable condition and considerably slows down traffic flow.

Shankar Menon

Willingdon Island

Like an elephant

I would like to compare the Corporation to an elephant. The elephant is owned by the people/government. The elephant is ill-fed and diseased is burdened with work like pulling logs beyond its ability. The mahout is the Mayor. The mahout and the elephant are abused by the owners.I feel that people should change their attitude first and cooperate with the Corporation. Secondly people should recognize the politics behind all these allegations.

Xavier M. J.

By email

Blaming each other

Gone are the days when domestic waste was used in one’s own land to make it more fertile or prevent rain water from flowing out of one’s land, for fear of losing the fertility of the soil. The septic tank in one’s piece of land is today causing health hazards to the dwellers these days. Still the administration and the residential associations have not formulated any policy. The administration moves the waste from one place and dumps it elsewhere whereas the people move it from their homes to another place convenient to them. If only the administration and the residential associations stop blaming each other and think of a solution.

Another aspect which requires immediate attention is the pathetic roads. We require well-planned roads with provisions for underground drainage and facility for laying cables.



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